Pit Area Info

Pit Area Information

The pit area can only be accessed by vehicles at the main pit gate (1) on the property map. The main pit gate is on the upper Northeast end of the property.  Competitors must enter the facility on Race Track Road by taking a left off South 21 and driving underneath the newly developed underpass.

Teams must purchase a pit pass and sign the waiver forms prior to entering the pit area. Pit passes must be purchased at Gate #1. Upper Northeast Main Pit Gate.  Event tickets can also be upgraded to a pit pass throughout the event. (The price of a pit pass upgrade would be the difference between a pit pass price and the General Admission ticket price).

The infield pit area will be utilized only when needed. The infield will act as an overflow for pit participants on the graveled North side of the infield.  Once participants enter into the infield they will only be able to enter and exit the infield at the gate guards command. Any attempt to “cross” the track without WVMS official permission will result in removal from premises.  This is a safety issue! 

ATV’s/Golf-Carts will only be allowed to cross over the track when no single one vehicle is on the track. If any vehicle (including race track equipment [water trucks, push trucks, wreckers, grader, etc] is moving on the speedway no one is allowed to cross without direct permission from WVMS officials.  This is a safety issue!

Drivers must register prior to competition with the track and/or series affiliate. It is the teams responsibility to provide the speedway with correctly completed tax and track registration forms. Without these, pay may be withheld until completed.

Driver registration is located inside the main drivers lounge/pit office building.  This building is located directly behind turn #2, on the right just slightly ahead of pit gate entry.

A designated wash bay is open for participants on the West side of the Pit Building. Participants should push their cars into the “bay” and only use track provided water & hoses in an appropriate manner. 

  • Be mindful of others who may be waiting for their opportunity.  
  • No excessive or damaging use of the equipment.
  • Please clean up the area after washing your race car. (Towels, bottles, tools)
  • Less water is sometimes more. Use it only as needed.
  • Roll up hoses, power washing equipment, place buckets back and etc.
  • Sweep area / mud off the concrete for the next guy/gal.
  • Pit stalls are first come, first serve only.
  • Teams should maintain an orderly pit area at all times.
  • WVMS is not responsible for the loss of any/all items.
  • Be kind and courteous to your fellow competitors / neighbors.
  • Pick up all trash in your area. Excessive trash may result in suspension.
  • Quiet time (1am – 7am) for excessive noise, music and generators will be observed.
  • PLEASE pick a stall that best accommodates your trailer. Small trailers should not go into rig sized stalls and vice versa.
  • Fighting is not tolerated.  Security will be on site and local law enforcement will be called.
  • If you have any problems please report them to WVMS management immediately.