The Future

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Building Our Future!

West Virginia Motor Speedway has been rebuilt in 2020 as part of a “four turn” plan for future improvements! 

West Virginia Motor Speedway is rich in tradition and anxious to take a spot atop not only the state but among the countries finest facilities.  Under the direction of WVMS Promotions, LLC the speedway is set to transform from its overgrown pasture fields to a state of the art 5/8 motorsports metropolis.  Over $250,000 in improvements will be completed as part of phase one; the rebuild, which further indicates our unwavering dedication to WVMS and the dirt racing / neighbor communities.

The four turn plan goes beyond simply short track racing but expands the grounds into a grassroots venue of the future. The plan is complete with an ultra-cool eatery/hangout known as “Memory Lane’s Motorsports Grill”, an iRacing complex known as “Zoom-Zone”, a WV Racing Hall of Fame and millions more in facility improvements.

Four phases of development include;
Memory Lanes Motorsports Grill
Zoom-Zone iRacing HQ
WV Racing Hall of Fame
Campground Modernization / Upgrades
Added Aluminum Seating & VIP Suites
Main Speedway Concourse

We have the game plan! Now, we look forward to executing it!
Over time with the overwhelming support from our fans we can achieve our goals. We are committed to not just operating WVMS but building/upgrading it for years to come. Our goal is to create a fan first venue for the state to be proud of.  With your support comes our commitment to enhance your experience at the speedway.

Together, we will create “The Motorsports Capital of Cool” and the dirt track venue of ‘tomorrow.

   ~ Cody Watson, Promoter.

** If you are interested in becoming an investor or donor please email; **

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